Wednesday, October 16, 2013

So far, so good!

I started radiation on Monday of this week and aside from being a little anxious to get started, it has gone well so far.  I will have 30-33 treatments, Monday-Friday (should be done by Thanksgiving).  Each treatment literally takes about 2 minutes. I have been told the last few weeks of treatment may bring skin irritation and fatigue. I will take either of those a million times over versus another round of chemo!

I also completed a reincision surgery at the beginning of September to remove a small area from my right breast (same as first surgery-lumpectomy) that had unclear margins.  Great news is the area removed during the second surgery came back clear (no cancer cells) so chemo seems to have been worthwhile!

I am so grateful to have started the last portion of my treatment.  It has been a long road, close to 10 months from diagnosis to end of radiation treatment.  With the love and support of Kent, family and so many great friends, I will soon be able to look back at this as a very valuable life experience.

My hair is growing back slowly, I will be ready for a haircut and color by the end of next week (keep in mind my hair is only about 1/2-1 inch long and very dark). I feel better every day, I can gage how well I feel by how many projects around the house I start (and try to finish!).

Looking forward to a wonderful holiday season and ready for 2014!!