Tuesday, June 4, 2013

2nd Phase of Chemo

Last Wednesday I started my second phase of chemo.  This is scheduled weekly for the next 12 weeks.  Side effects are supposed to be less intense, no nausea (yay!) and less bone/joint pain. The main side effect of this particular chemo is numbness of fingers and toes which is "cumulative"  and I probably will not feel this effect for a few weeks.

The first session last Wednesday went well, I have felt pretty good.  I have noticed stronger bone and joint pain but I will take that over constant nausea!  My hemoglobin is still fairly low and it will take a few months to rebuild therefore I am still feeling a little tired (I have been told this will last throughout the summer).

If I understand my treatment plan correctly, I will have another small surgery towards the end of August followed by a couple of weeks of radiation. After this, I am not sure when I will be checked again to make sure my treatment plan was successful.  I think it will be about three months after radiation but don't hold me to this exact plan, my brain is a little fried :)!

The kids are out of school at the end of this week and we look forward to spending time at the cabin. Bring on the warm weather, please!

Happy Summer!

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