Wednesday, April 3, 2013

First Round of Chemo Checked Off My List

Just finished my first round of chemotherapy at Woodwinds Hospital today, it went very well!  I was prescribed a few different nausea medications and so far they are working.  I may be a little optimistic, it has only been a few hours :).

I return to Woodwinds tomorrow for a medication that boosts my white blood cell count, the side effects can be "flu-like"  and can take a day or so to kick in but only last a few days.  The side effects from the chemo can vary greatly,  days 7-10  (from today) will be low points (fatigue) due to diminished white blood cell count.  Day 14 will bring on hair loss.   I will definitely be shopping for a wig next week!

Hopefully I will continue to feel well, I do not want to miss any volleyball or hockey games this weekend!

Thank you everyone for your positive thoughts and energy as well as the upcoming million carpool rides for our kids to/from sports. This is a HUGE help!!

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