Friday, April 12, 2013

Play Like A Champion

This week following my first chemo treatment has had more ups than downs.   I felt great up until Saturday when the constant feeling of nausea set in and decided to stay. I equate the feeling to somewhere between morning sickness (which thankfully I never really had) and a never-ending hangover!

I have been able to manage the nausea fairly well with various medications.  The last few days have allowed me to feel decent from morning up until early afternoon.  I told Kent a few days ago that "I actually feel like myself" for a few hours each day.  Today has been the best day yet so hopefully this continues throughout the weekend.

I have my second round of chemo next Wednesday, April 17th, followed by another white blood cell count booster shot on Thursday.  I think I have intentionally ignored putting the actual dates of my chemo appointments on my calendar because I think I have felt like this nausea is never going to end.  Then I saw this on Kyle's bedroom wall:

Ok, ignore the misspelled words.  Clearly it is tough for an 8-year old to concentrate on spelling when changing marker colors from red to black!  A few weeks ago, Kyle and his friend taped out a knee hockey "rink" in his room with masking tape along with creating many signs, photos of NHL players, tournament schedule, etc... they did a great job.  Yes, he is also a Notre Dame fan.

This sign made me think that my chemo treatments are similar to sports (I think we all know the kids inherited their skill/love of sports from Kent which is why this realization is new to me!).  I just need to "play like a champion", go in to each day with intent and strength and I will win. The "season" of chemo will have an end.

On that note, I still managed to torture Kent on Monday by going wig shopping followed by a "quick" trip to Costco. Of course he did not complain, the wig shopping was fairly painless and productive.  Costco may have been a different story:).

Thanks again to everyone for your support, I feel like a broken record but I am AMAZED at the kindness and love we receive every day.  

Enjoy the snow!

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